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Orange Flowers Orange Flowers

Orange flowers are widespread and popular, in spring they are fresh and cheerful, while in fall they may be associated with the falling of the leaves. Orange is viewed in the east as having healing and soothing powers, making orange flowers especially the marigold, auspicious and the choice for most Hindu weddings and ritual ceremonies. Buddhists also associate orange with enlightenment, which is why monks wear orange. We feature a variety of orange flowers that include oriental lilies, daisies, tulips and peach orange roses.

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About Orange Flowers
Orange is a color associated with the fall, making orange flowers very popular during the fall season, on holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Orange as a color stimulates creativity and feelings of joy, and orange flowers tend to arouse a sense of festivity and cheer. Orange is a powerful impact color, lending orange flowers the same attention grabbing allure.

Orange is the color of warmth, fascination and happiness, while orange flowers in keeping with this are symbolic of joy and happiness. Orange flowers due to the warmth of the color are perfect to show feelings of passion, excitement and fervent romance, as is often the case with orange roses. Orange flowers are extremely popular in the fall season, as orange is the color of associated with the fall. Orange flowers are most popular during Halloween and Thanksgiving. We feature a variety of orange flowers bouquets, either as single flower bouquets as with a dozen orange roses or a bouquet of orange Asiatic lilies or as mixed orange flower bouquets.

Orange Flower Meanings

  • Orange Rose Flower – Passion
  • Orange Tulip Flower –   Love and Passion
  • Orange Lily Flower – Wealth
  • Orange Gerbera Daisy Flowers - "You are the sunshine of my life." Or "You are one in a million".